Saturday, October 9, 2010

The closing cirlce of the internet.

Sorry about the lack of posting, I've been busy I guess.

Today I'm going to discuss an issue that could possible kill off the internet we love today. I love the internet because of the amount of access you have. The weirdness and the creativity is what makes the internet special. An interesting thing is happening though, as these websites get larger and incorporated into businesses the rest of the internet shrinks. Why would people build sites about certain things when people will just look at Wikipedia? Why go to a different social network when all your friends are on Facebook and Twitter? When you have businesses and even the government using these large sites it gets harder and harder to pull away from the circle of "big business" on the internet. Now it's pretty hard to get your site places without using Facebook, hell even this blog has options to hook into Facebook right below. Then you have people like dear old Mum who go on to check their email and watch Johnny's Myspace. It just forces the whole spectrum of the internet to shrink.

There's not much you can do to stop this either. All I can recommend is watch your browsing habits for a few days and see how variety you have. Visit some new sites and try new things, you might even like what you read. I did this and I found I spend to much time on "big sites" and now I scroll through blogs and try to find some interesting stuff you don't normally see, just have fun with it.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Currency groups controlled by the NWO?

Ever hear of an Amero? Anybody recognize that coin up there, it was a proposed design of the coin. Even typing in Amero doesn’t register with my spell checker right now. If you try discussing the Amero the most you get is a few blank stares and if you did find somebody who knows about it you would most likely be considered an eccentric. The Amero is the proposed currency between The United States, Canada, and Mexico to create a North American Union.

Now a new currency is hardly something to raise an eyebrow about, even a lot of good could come from it, helping to stabilize nations economies even saving money in cross border transactions. The problem stems from an important thing people forget about:

Money controls everything you do. Everything.

There are few cases in government when money doesn't control decisions. Your schooling is based on funding and the type of food you eat depends on costs. Sure it may not effect your day to day life but money plays a powerful role in the important decisions in your life. Then when most of the worlds currency is controlled by one percent of that world that’s when it starts to get frightening. You have the Euro in Europe and perhaps the Amero over here. Developing nations in South America, Central American, and Africa may decide to create their own union for stabilization in a newer economy. I really doubt the major players in the Asian or Middle Eastern  economy would work together right now but who knows in the future. In the end though you would have most of the worlds power houses on easy to control groups of currency. Maybe not a design of the "New World Order" but it still is an elegant loop hole that would leave the world defenseless quite easily.

A friends response

I had a friend read my previous post about the transformation of the education system and she gave me some good criticism. So good in fact I offered to post her response to it from the conversation we had.


"You've got some great ideas. The utter transformation of a school system would be- god, it would be close to ideal, but it's so utterly impossible.One thing I think you're overlooking is the idea of learning for no reason but ones own natural curiosity. School has crushed that curiosity, so most of us only want to specialize in one or two things.But there's a world of information and ideas to be learned and we've convinced ourselves that the only way to learn them is at the snail-rate of school teaching. It's our freedom that we're convinced we can't handle. From a young age we're constantly criticized for every piece of work we do, constantly taught to tailor our actions and ideas to suit the norms of school life.We're essentially convinced that we can't think or function without the direction of others and furthermore, derp herp derp derp derpa herp."

Interesting viewpoints to keep in mind, something to think about.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random thought of day

As fall sets in where I live it's been getting rather chilly and a random thought has been bugging me. In the summer when it's hot the traditional western drink is lemonade to cool you down. In the winter the traditional drink is hot chocolate to warm you. Than can somebody explain to me the thought process behind drinking freezing cold apple cider in the fall? I mean sure you can warm it up but that takes more effort than just pouring a glass. I guess having a side of hot donuts is supposed to be counterbalance. I don't really know what the point of this was, I just had some random urge to post this.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A possible future for the public education system.

We've all been through the "system" at one point, or about to finish, and I'm sure a large majority of you would agree that it's highly ineffective at actually producing it's final goal: preparing you for life and getting you a job or further schooling. Take for example what my state requires for me to graduate from high school, I need to take an art class. How does an art class get me a job in my career in IT? Most the of the core requirements are sound but anything outside of the basic math/science/social studies are absurd. Take another example: English courses. I've been learning the same basic grammar since the 6th grade and most of the books they want you to read are outdated ideas that my parents grew up with. Then finally in my Senior English class they ignore most of that bullshit and focus on stumbling your way through the SAT's written exam. That's all most of the final two years of high school was, trying to make sure you can bullshit your way through one test or another.

The system I'm proposing would go as followed:

It starts off as a primary school, here it would focus on teaching you basic skills such as math, sciences, ability of the English langauge, social studies, life skills, and a mixture of other classes to try and help students find a career. Life skills would focus on installing proper hygiene, diet, and exercise. The career classes would first focus on helping finding a niche to place students in for the next step in schooling.

After that the students would be placed into a higher level of schooling that would increase the levels of math and sciences. The whole focus of this step would be to find a placement for their next level of schooling and a possible career. The career classes would be much more diverse to choose from and students would start to pick a possible future. After they have picked a future path and their mastery of the required levels of math, sciences, ability of the English langauge, social studies, and life skills they would be able to move to the final level.

This level would be around the age group of high schoolers. At this level it would focus primarily on the student's career choices. If they were to pick a career in computers for example they would take classes that help build a background in programming and hardware. This level of schooling would be very flexible to prevent the college phenomenon of switching majors every few weeks. The whole purpose is to make sure you have a future and the background to build it. They would be sent to different schools focusing on the fields they want to go into to. Students who do not want to go into higher schooling would receive workforce training and be prepared for their life.

The final stage, if needed, is to go to a "college" level and learn your final skills. An example would be people going into the medical fields, would go here for their specialized job training with no need of extra pointless classes since they have already had a background built by the previous levels of schooling.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Democracy's failing system

Setting aside corrupt politicians, misuse of funding, and other commonalities we see scattered on the news Democracy as a whole is quite a good system. Plenty of checks and balances to keep out those news worthy Watergate scandals that the media gushes over. What my post today goal is to call attention to an often looked over problem, the people themselves who are voting. The most well known problem is perhaps "stupid" people are voting or maybe not enough people are voting. While there's an issue that humans can't quite get over, an issue that even I have to deal with. We're simply human and we all have to deal with human inefficiency.

Take a look at last years election for example. Barack Obama made it cool to be young and a democrat. The mass Youtube videos and the show boating. That kind of thing appeals to a lot of people. Rather than looking at the issues a lot of people voted looking for some part of self gratification. The same phenomenon can be found in sports. The way people gather and bash opposing sports teams. It helps them feel a part of a larger group. Now Obama wasn't the only one doing this both parties can be at fault and I don't want to get into any sort of policy bashing but his online moment can easily show my point.

Another problem is that a large number of people just well... don't care. Yet they still identify themselves as Democrats, or Republicans, or whatever group is in other democratic systems when the majority of them could be considered more to the middle. They still feel a need though to identify themselves as a certain group, to be part of a larger thing. Quite a few of them will still be in the middle when it comes time to vote and vote towards whatever side they identified themselves as instead of digging deeply as possible to figure out which issues they agree with the most.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome to Lunatic Fringe

Hello there, welcome to the Fringe. Right at the moment I'm much to lazy to form the thoughts to go ahead and make you a proper blog post. So instead I'll give you a warm welcome with a promise of whats to come. This blog is about the fringe ideas of society, stuff that most people renounce or scoff at as terrible ideas because their culture tells them to. Expect some crazy things to be written, some of it I might believe in or hate myself but I'll try to keep it as unbiased as possible. Don't hold the ideas against me, hold the ideas against themselves and only the facts. As a final note to that, have fun and keep on going my fellow bloggers.