Sunday, September 26, 2010

Democracy's failing system

Setting aside corrupt politicians, misuse of funding, and other commonalities we see scattered on the news Democracy as a whole is quite a good system. Plenty of checks and balances to keep out those news worthy Watergate scandals that the media gushes over. What my post today goal is to call attention to an often looked over problem, the people themselves who are voting. The most well known problem is perhaps "stupid" people are voting or maybe not enough people are voting. While there's an issue that humans can't quite get over, an issue that even I have to deal with. We're simply human and we all have to deal with human inefficiency.

Take a look at last years election for example. Barack Obama made it cool to be young and a democrat. The mass Youtube videos and the show boating. That kind of thing appeals to a lot of people. Rather than looking at the issues a lot of people voted looking for some part of self gratification. The same phenomenon can be found in sports. The way people gather and bash opposing sports teams. It helps them feel a part of a larger group. Now Obama wasn't the only one doing this both parties can be at fault and I don't want to get into any sort of policy bashing but his online moment can easily show my point.

Another problem is that a large number of people just well... don't care. Yet they still identify themselves as Democrats, or Republicans, or whatever group is in other democratic systems when the majority of them could be considered more to the middle. They still feel a need though to identify themselves as a certain group, to be part of a larger thing. Quite a few of them will still be in the middle when it comes time to vote and vote towards whatever side they identified themselves as instead of digging deeply as possible to figure out which issues they agree with the most.


  1. The world is changing, and people don't like to vote anymore because nobody is trustworthy. Simply put, nobody likes a liar and I'm not sure what made us trust our current president.

    Politics are confusing, and they fucked shit up so bad.

  2. You are quite the intellectual fellow. I'm glad you liked my little story!

    But yes, politics is fucked up.

  3. I do agree, although, politicians may be liars, but then again who isn't? Also, I will keep following your blog since it isn't just another mindless blog :]

  4. Democracy is like any form of government. It's perfect until you add people.

  5. True say. The Obama craze was driving me crazy.