Thursday, September 30, 2010

A friends response

I had a friend read my previous post about the transformation of the education system and she gave me some good criticism. So good in fact I offered to post her response to it from the conversation we had.


"You've got some great ideas. The utter transformation of a school system would be- god, it would be close to ideal, but it's so utterly impossible.One thing I think you're overlooking is the idea of learning for no reason but ones own natural curiosity. School has crushed that curiosity, so most of us only want to specialize in one or two things.But there's a world of information and ideas to be learned and we've convinced ourselves that the only way to learn them is at the snail-rate of school teaching. It's our freedom that we're convinced we can't handle. From a young age we're constantly criticized for every piece of work we do, constantly taught to tailor our actions and ideas to suit the norms of school life.We're essentially convinced that we can't think or function without the direction of others and furthermore, derp herp derp derp derpa herp."

Interesting viewpoints to keep in mind, something to think about.

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