Thursday, September 30, 2010

Currency groups controlled by the NWO?

Ever hear of an Amero? Anybody recognize that coin up there, it was a proposed design of the coin. Even typing in Amero doesn’t register with my spell checker right now. If you try discussing the Amero the most you get is a few blank stares and if you did find somebody who knows about it you would most likely be considered an eccentric. The Amero is the proposed currency between The United States, Canada, and Mexico to create a North American Union.

Now a new currency is hardly something to raise an eyebrow about, even a lot of good could come from it, helping to stabilize nations economies even saving money in cross border transactions. The problem stems from an important thing people forget about:

Money controls everything you do. Everything.

There are few cases in government when money doesn't control decisions. Your schooling is based on funding and the type of food you eat depends on costs. Sure it may not effect your day to day life but money plays a powerful role in the important decisions in your life. Then when most of the worlds currency is controlled by one percent of that world that’s when it starts to get frightening. You have the Euro in Europe and perhaps the Amero over here. Developing nations in South America, Central American, and Africa may decide to create their own union for stabilization in a newer economy. I really doubt the major players in the Asian or Middle Eastern  economy would work together right now but who knows in the future. In the end though you would have most of the worlds power houses on easy to control groups of currency. Maybe not a design of the "New World Order" but it still is an elegant loop hole that would leave the world defenseless quite easily.


  1. This is scary, but we must not make a rash decision one way or the other. I'm concerned with the effects of a regional economic crash due to unforeseeable factors or the loss of privacy...

  2. I'd like to see how this would play out.

    And most likely, it's not for the better. In my opinion at least.

  3. Exactly what I was thinking. How easy it would be to twist the minds of congress and the voters if they fear losing everything they own during a economic disaster. How easy it would be to cause an economic instability to get something like a lose of public privacy.


    I ain't even mad.

  5. I actually like that idea.

  6. Sounds like we need a revolution to prevent this globalization like take over.

  7. One step ahead of you bro.

    I burned all my money then went to live in a natl preserve

    posting with solar power